After moving from Santa Monica, I’ve not put forth a ton of effort to maintain my relationship with one of my best teacher in my yoga practice.  She’s been a bit of an elusive ‘easy come easy go’ lifestyle activities that has taught me so much about how my yoga shows up off my mat, and really nothing serves up a stretchy, powerful, spiritual, meditative, out of your head and in the moment dose of yoga better than rock climbing.  Besides surfing actual overhead+  sized waves, I’ve always reffered to climbing as pure yoga in motion, this isn’t Dance, this isn’t seated meditation this is the real.  Raw.  Deal.

So after several long gaps away from NYC, where I’ve positioned myself leading a 200 hr teacher training in Greenwich, CT -of all places, my first non tropical, non immersion, program- I finally got hold an a dear adventure buddy and former employer, who shall remain anonymous as I’m certain he’d dislike having any attention drawn to his impeccable badassness, and was invited up to his place in New Paltz for a morning of shooting clays, and a ‘casual climb’.

I jumped at the opportunity to get out of my comfort zone here at sea level and lay my hands on some hot granite.  But first I had to prep by buying new rock shoes as my old ones were being held hostang in the Cayman Islands…. the whole reason I’m in living back in the states to begin with, but that’s a whole other butterfly effect for another time.

Quick trip to Union Square Paragon sports, new climbing shoos.  Check.   Saturday afternoon road trip to NP, here I come.