I am so happy to connect with you! Thank you for all of the amazing energy you are contributing to the planet. How did we get so lucky?
Alicia M. San Diego
There are so many things I enjoyed about my 200 Hour Teacher Training with Larry. It was a very deep, transformative, positive experience for me--personally, spiritually, and physically. Larry did a wonderful job of relaying and teaching a lot of information in a relatively short time; and through methods that really helped me learn, incorporate, and implement the teachings into my daily life, my yoga practice, and my own teaching. "What I loved about the curriculum was that it was very encompassing, unlike the narrow scope of some trainings. Larry's enthusiasm, knowledge, generosity, and sense of humor kept me motivated, inspired, and entertained. Larry is a wonderful teacher with a big heart and I so appreciate his kindness and humbleness. I finished the teacher training with the tools, experience, and confidence to teach my own classes. Thank you Larry! Namaste.
Marika Ripke, Kauai, Hawaii
After taking your yoga classes for 2 weeks, my back stopped hurting for the first time in almost 30 years. I have pretty severe scoliosis which required me to wear a back brace for 2 years when I was in high school. I really liked being pain free and vowed to keep up the exercise. I've been doing some of the yoga, push ups, pull ups, core work and lots of stretching everyday, but the lower back pain has returned. I really liked being pain free. Is there any chance you have taped the class and I could buy a DVD from you? If not, is there any chance you could tape it and mail me a DVD? You don't know how it feels to not have any back pain after all these years of thinking this is something I would just have to deal with the rest of my life.
Brad Nelson, Jacksonville
I want to share with you how totally amazing the past 3 weeks with Larry Thraen have been. Larry was so inspirational to learn from because he teaches from his heart, eminating passion, dedication, support, care, focus, knowledge and wisdom. From our daily meditations on the beach, to the classroom, to the mat, he brings these attributes, making the entire training flow seamless, just like the Yoga classes he leads us through! I have thoroughly enjoyed diving deep into the understanding of the spiritual depth of the Sadhana Yoga philosophy with Larry because he made the lessons so attainable. Our long discussions about the Yoga sutras were really engaging and enlightening. I am most excited about the knowledge he has passed down to me about safe and effective hands-on adjustments - his are the best I've ever had! It was a pleasure to learn from Larry and I will really miss his beautiful energy when I leave. Thank you for the opportunity to go through this life-changing experience with Bodhin. I am honored to become a certified yoga instructor and so excited to bring more depth to my blooming Yoga community in Panama.
Sarah Beth Kramer, Bastimentos Island, Bocas del Toro
THANK YOU! Thank you for making this training a reality- for the answer in your life to the source that inspires, motivates, heals & lifts ME! Thank you for your continued answer to fulfill your life's purpose so that the world can be a brighter place! It has been an honor, pleasure, and privileged to work with you. I send you all the love and blessing in my heart! Namaste.
Heather G., Recent 200 hr. graduate
You're like a chiropractor, therapist, motivational speaker, and fitness instructor rolled into one badass yoga teacher! Thanks for another awesome class.
Chris S. Houston, TX
Forwarded feedback from a studio manager's email: "Just wanted you to know I really enjoyed Larry Thraen as an instructor. Rather than having the emphasis on going through the flow of poses, he really gave helpful hints on tweaking each movement and posture so I could get the most out of each and every pose (and not feel as if you were in a basic class). He has an ability to bring a sense of peace and calm into the class..."
Lisa V. Houston, TX
Larry is one of the most conscientious yoga teachers I have met during my 7 years of practice. Not only does he spend considerable time with each student making adjustments to improve their posture in each asana, but he also gets to know each student in order to help them deepen their practice.
Sharon W. - Houston, TX
Upon moving back to Houston, I began my search for amazing yoga. One morning I happened into Larry's class and once he began, I realized it was the first time since moving that a practice felt like home. Larry's classes encourage me to challenge myself while feeling supported, and to be introspective yet playful. His joy for the practice is palpable and it is obvious that he teaches from his heart. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from Larry and grow my practice.
Hope W. Houston, TX
I just wanted to say 'thank you so much' for all the inspirational yoga classes you shared with me. They have really helped me on my journey of becoming a yoga teacher!
Annabelle W., Little Cayman Island, KY
I specifically seek out Larry's teaching schedule. Since practicing with him for several years, I feel my practice has been fundamentally altered, deepened and strengthened. His classes are the perfect balance for my mind and body. I'm always physically challenged and leave each class feeling stronger with my mental button reset. Larry is extremely attentive and offers adjustments that have changed how I align my body in many of my postures. He is very sensitive when providing necessary modifications and I feel individually supported throughout his class. Unlike other instructors who are just "teaching", Larry is completely present at helping students transform their practice both on and off the mat. An extra bonus is his awesome playlists that helps me flow!
Helen S-G, Houston, TX
"Larry, or as I know him, 'Shirtless Larry', is the reason that I got into yoga. I'd never liked yoga up until I started practicing with Larry in the beautiful town of San Juan del Sur in Nicaragua. Before I knew it, I was benefiting from the mind clearing and physical effects of yoga, without even knowing it. Larry's classes are challenging and creative. He is a great teacher for working out your potential and helping you achieve it. I'm now a Vinyasa Flow teacher (www.yogikate.com) Larry inspired my practice. He will inspire yours.
Kate Jenkins, London UK
You were a great inspiration to me when I was fortunate enough to utilize your services in Nicaragua... how many years ago? Anyway, I have officially become a Yoga Teacher! Yeah! Thanks for your inspiration.
Marise Nazzaro
I am eternally grateful that I had my 200hr Yoga Teachers Training with Larry in Nicaragua. It had been an extraordinary learning experience both technically and spiritually. Larry is genuine, knowledgeable and lots of fun. He creates such an peaceful and welcoming space for his students that it is almost impossible not to unfold and surrender to his energy; which makes the whole experience that much more meaningful. I recommend Larry with an wholeheart. Gratitude Love Peace!
Ece Savas - Graphic Designer and a brand new Yogi -Toronto
My life has changed a lot since I completed the teacher training 🙂 I quit my job and I rented a space where I have teach kids and adults English, sometimes I have people in for psychological therapy and for yoga. I feel confident that this process of transformation started with the teacher trainning.. which helped me decide that I wanted a different lifestyle and that I could actually live the way I have dreamed. It has been a slow process but fast at the same time, right now my ideas are just starting to grow but they are producing enough for me to be able to develop them and make them grow. I feel so productive and happy, my relationship with my boyfreind is stronger that it was, I look at my life and I feel satisfied with the choices I have made and the growth they have produced. I feel now I am living artfully and I have learned to create a balance between giving to myself and others...I know I am in the right track to creating more and more as I discover and develop myself more and more. Thank you Love and blessings Gaby M., Costa Rica
Gaby M., Costa Rica
Larry provided an unforgettable yoga training experience through his teaching and authentic desire to see others succeed and fulfill their dreams. Both on and off the mat, he created space for a tremendous amount of personal, and spiritual growth to take place. It is clearly evident that Larry has a strong personal practice as well as incredible enthusiasm for how therapeutic yoga is for the mind, body and soul. He has inspired me to become a life long learner of yoga, as well as continue to excel in my own personal practice and teaching of others. His knowledge of anatomy and proper alignment in yoga was presented in such a way that allowed students to take responsibility for their learning. Larry held high expectations and we were able to meet them with his detailed instruction encouragement, support and resources. Throughout the three weeks in Nicaragua we were given plenty of opportunities to learn not only from Larry but also from each other. We received positive feedback and constructive criticism from both facilitators and peers. As a professional elementary educator I found this part of the training to be key to my development as a yoga teacher, and a great way to challenge each of us. There is no better way to learn then to teach! His instruction and motivational lessons provided us all with a chance to find our personal teaching voice, as well as challenge us in our own practice. I feel truly blessed to have received my training from Larry and look forward to working with him more in the future!
Kate Canino, Paraguay '14
Larry is inspirational. His knowledge of the subject is surpassed only by his enthusiasm in teaching it. He truly understands how to teach others to instruct from their own personal authenticity. In other words, he produces teachers who are living in their own power and aren't just cookie cut and molded to a specific program. I recommend his 200hr teacher training program 110%. I learned more than I ever imagined I would and improved myself in the process. It was one of the best things that I have ever done for myself.
Meghan Thompson Fairfax, VA '14
I used to say that getting Lasik Eye Surgery was the best money I have ever spent. After this weekend, I can honestly say that attending Joy Yoga University has far surpassed that as the best investment I have ever made in myself. This experience has been life changing for me because I have gained physical, mental, and emotional strength I didn't know I had and made great friends I might never have met otherwise. I love you gals!
Lisa V, Houston, TX '14
Larry, everyone loved the adjustments I gave in class. THANK YOU for teaching your ways. Magic hands are in the making!
Chanel D. Tallahassee, Fla. '14
"Thank you immensely for allowing all of us to have this life-changing experience! I won't ever forget this & will forever be grateful. I Love you! L.Y. I can't thank you enough for changing my life in ways I never imagined or thought possible. LV Thank you so much for your immense knowledge and sharing the yoga of you. C. A. Thank you so much for your spirituality and guidance. C.J. Thank you for pushing me to my limit, being a support on my journey and for guiding me to my dream come true. K. A. ... This is going to shape the rest of my life and I have so much gratitude for you! -S.R. Thank you for beign an awesome teacher, this has changed my life in so many positive ways. T.M. You have been a guardian angel, thank you from the bottom of my heart. S.P. Can't thank you enough for all the love and support. M.D. Thank you for all your love and support, without you I wouldn't be here. J.A.
Class of '14 Graduates, Houston, TX
My yoga teacher training is one of the most important experiences in my life thus far, thank you for leading us all.
Alexa R. -Dominical, Costa Rica
Larry lives and breaths yoga. It was an honor to be his student for the four months of class. So selfless and authentic with his intentions. Truly an inspiration. I would never ask for anything different. From the depths of my heart, thank you Larry. Nameste.
L. B- Houston, TX